The Solution to Slippery When Wet

The Solution to Slippery When Wet

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Safe Step No Slip

A slip or fall is so much more than an accident to a business. It can completely derail your day, month, and even year, affecting your bottom line, reputation, and sense of security.

Spaces like gyms, restaurants, warehouses, entertainment venues, and other high-traffic environments are much more prone to accidents. But there is an answer – Safe Step No Slip, a non-slip flooring treatment from Safe Step No Slip.

Our passion for protecting businesses is over 20 years in the making. We pride ourselves on being considered to be the industry standard for safer, slip-resistant floors.

Our patented anti-slip flooring treatment provides your staff and guests safety and allows you to stay free of liabilities while lowering your insurance premiums. Get started with the Safe Step process today for the investment in your peace of mind.


A Real, Preventable Hazard

Most everyone would be concerned about a slip or a fall in a space they own, but many might think that the chances of a fall happening on their watch are slim to none.

The truth is that slips are the number one OSHA violation according to the U.S. Department of Labor, and a staggering 800,000 people are hospitalized from falls in places like restaurants or hospitals every single year. And slips and falls make up around 35% of all recorded cases of traumatic brain injuries.

Slippery floors are not to be taken lightly. Businesses owe it to their customers and staff to keep them safe. You have the power to take control and prevent yourself from being a part of a slice on a pie graph. Protection from the preventable starts with Safe Step anti-slip flooring treatment.

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About Our Treatments

The Safe Step treatment is a non-etching chemical treatment that creates a barrier between liquids and the floor of your business. The anti-slip flooring treatment can’t be found anywhere else – we’re the sole proprietors of the formula and know how powerful it can be.

The treatment isn’t a cleaner, a sealer, or a film, so you’ll never have to worry about residue left on your floors.

Our non-slip flooring treatment will also never alter the look of your floors, and there’s no need to switch up your cleaning regimen once we’ve finished the application process. It’s also incredibly non-invasive to your business, requiring no shutdown time, and you’ll recognize the difference right away.

The Safe Step treatment can be applied to surfaces such as:

  • Porcelain Bathtubs
  • Porcelain tile
  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Spanish tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Natural stone

We guarantee you’ll have slip-resistant floors for up to a year. And while we have great anti-slip flooring treatments, we also offer other treatments to give your floors the ultimate clean and shine. Our Sure Shine formula is excellent for bringing an impossibly bright shine to your linoleum and hardwood floors.

Pair these products with our no-rinse floor cleaner, and your floors will be safer, slip-free, and look absolutely sensational.

Safe Step No Slip Makes Floors Safer

Businesses have a responsibility to keep patrons safe. As business owners benefit by doing business with customers, they must look for dangers and take steps to remedy them before someone gets hurt. When this involves wet, slippery floors… Safe Step No Slip Is The Solution!

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Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Slip and Fall
Traffic Accidents
Struck by Assault
Struck by Battery

Why It Matters

#1 Violation for OSHA US Department of Labor

2nd Most common cause of lost workday accidents

800,000 People hospitalized per year

See How Safe Step No Slip Performs

Trusted and Dependable

Why Use Safe Step No Slip

  • Highest DCOF test rating

  • No down time for businesses

  • Tax and insurance incentives

  • References and testimonials

The Safe Step No Slip Promise

We value safety and protection when it comes to our product, but we’re all about integrity and performance in business. Our Safe Step non-slip treatment is meticulously engineered and backed by science.

Our unique formula has been tested and developed over many years, and it has been found to have the highest dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) rating. The minimum DCOF value is 0.42 for level walkway surfaces, so Safe Step is a fantastic choice for business owners concerned about being OSHA compliant.

Investing in Sure Step’s patented non-slip flooring treatment isn’t just great for your peace of mind; it can also bring you some excellent tax and insurance incentives that you wouldn’t otherwise have. If you’re looking for proof, the Tile Council of North America says that “a floor surface treated with Sure Step is actually safer wet.”

We’re also trusted by familiar clients like Hilton, McDonald’s, Subway, and the YMCA. These businesses and organizations all see the incredible results of safer environments. And with a quick call to our professionals, that’s something Sure Step can bring to you.

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I would like to offer our sincerest thanks for introducing us to your Safe Step No Slip product. We have tried many different slip resistant solutions over the years and I think this is the best we have come across.

Allan Schneider